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Trivia For Elderly Printable - “in the jungle, the mighty jungle, ________________.” Web general knowledge trivia quiz for seniors. The start of the great depression. Web 60 questions in 6 rounds. Download questions and answers sheet here: The names have been changed________________.” the real james bond, sean connery, mixed his martinis a special way:________________. 101 world history trivia questions for history buffs. Web test your knowledge, have some fun, and learn something new with these 65 senior trivia with answers. What fashion trend was popularized by audrey hepburn in the 1960s? True or false quiz, the body.

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Web If You (Or Some Lucky Seniors You Know) Are Looking For A Fun Way To Reminisce About The Good Old Days, Then You’re In For A Treat!

This is an easy quiz that will challenge the memory and encourage some reminiscing amongst residents and staff in aged care. What fashion trend was popularized by audrey hepburn in the 1960s? Who became the first monkey in space in 1961? Download questions and answers sheet here:

What Is Aretha Franklin’s Title As Recognized In The Music Industry?

A fruit named a pink lady is a type of? To practice for a performance is to what? This mouse made his film debut in 1928s steamboat willie, an animated short film. Web stroll down memory lane with our remember when trivia for seniors.

Web 85 Fun Common Sense Trivia Questions And Answers.

They are divided into five categories: This convenient pdf allows you to view the below trivia questions and print them to play senior trivia with proper page formatting, an easy to read font size, and a helpful index page so you know where each question type by category is. Trivia, an activity that not only entertains but also stimulates the mind. What is the real name of the agent 007?

Which Classic Tv Show Debuted In 1951 And Starred Lucille Ball And Desi.

Easy trivia, random fun, music, t.v., and history. 105 fun greek mythology trivia questions and answers. Match south american countries and capitals. Who invented the bifocal glasses?

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